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Dr. Neil Bruce obtained a BSc with Honours in Physics from the University of Edinburgh in 1987, and the MSc in Applied Optics and the PhD in Physics in Imperial College of London University in 1988 and 1992, respectively.

Since 1994 he has occupied a research post in the Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología (Institute for Applied Science and Technology) (previously known as the Centro de Ciencias Aplicadas y Desarrollo Tecnológico CCADET, and before that as the Centro de Instrumentos CI) of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico) in Mexico City.

He is currently Secretario Académico (Academic Secretary) of the Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología (ICAT-UNAM). He is also a Topical Editor for the journal Applied Optics of the Optical Society of America

His research interests are scattering of light in rough surfaces, light scattering in dense random media for medical applications, capacitance measurements for characterization of rough surfaces, and polarimetry. He has published 57 papers in international indexed journals and he has presented his work in 86 scientific conferences. His work has received 450 references from other workers.

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Tel: (+52 55) 56 22 86 02 ext. 1119
Fax: (+52 55) 56 22 86 20

Office 6, First floor,
(Cubículo 6, Primer Piso)
Instituto de Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, Circuito Exterior,
Ciudad Universitaria,
A.P. 70-186,
México, D.F. 04510

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Contrast Inversion by defocussing (from my Fourier Optics Course)

Neil Bruce comes from Crieff, a small town in central Scotland, which is a little bit different from Mexico City. To find more information on Crieff and its history here are some links:

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