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DEMO pages of applications of our work.  

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  (DEA)  Developpement d'un Système d'Analyse d'Images 3D pour la Microscopie Electronique:  Application à l'etude des Noyaux des Neurones Dopaminergiques de la Substantia Nigra dans la Maladie de Parkinson  (in french). Collaboration with the INSERM U289 laboratory, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière, Paris.  (ABSTRACT in english).

fr(Collaboration)  Transmision Electron Microscopy (TEM) techniques for ultrathin slice preparation of nuclear material.  Collaboration with the INSERM U289 and Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM.

(Coll.)   Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Arrangement of Compact Chromatin in the Nucleus of G0 Rat Lymphocytes.  Collaboration with the Laboratorio de Microscopía Electrónica, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, México, MX.
domslice (Coll.) Analysis in 2D and 3D of Compact-Chromatine Domains. Collaboration with the Laboratorio de Microscopía Electrónica, Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, México, MX.
Corneal Endohelium Morphometric Analysis
Collaboration with the Hospital de Oftalmología "Conde de Valenciana"

Modeling and Visualizing Branching Structures by Mesh Primitives

BS Thesis of Martha Castañón (co-direction 0% advancement)

Manual Extraction of Craneofacial References for Anthropometry
BS Thesis of Vania Jiménez (20% advancement)


  • Diffusion  Limited  Aggregation in 2D and 3D with relaxation.
  • Discrete boundary-based 3D growth models  
  • (PhD-Excercise)

    Detection of Tubular and Branching Structures.   
    (fully available after publication).

    (DEA) Geometric distortion correction of hi-res gray-level and binary images
    (Coll.)  A stereological approach to structural textures  
    (fully available after publication).



    Registration and Fusion of Multimodal Medical Images

    Designing Image mage Operators for MRI-PET Image Fusion of the Brain


    fr(PhD)  Color Radiometric Inhomogeneities in the Anatomical Cryosection Images of the Visible Human Project.   Data-base images provided by the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland., EU 


    fr(PhD) Three-Dimensional Segmentation and Visualization of the Blood-Vessel Tree of the Lungs from Color Cryosections of the Visible Human Project sub-volume.


    fr(PhD) Amorphous Photo-Deposition (simulations provided by the Groupe de Simulation de Procédés pour l'Optoélectronique CNET-Bagneux, FR).
    T450 T650
    Simulation of Porous-Phase Transitions by Monte-Carlo Methods

    (PhD) Color interpolation AND  Image Traversal
    by Dispersed-Dot Ordered Dither Access
    (fully available after publication).

    Stereo-pairs Visualization

    [forthcoming application]

    Colors Science-related work:
  • 3D Analysis of Colour-Space  Structures
    (available after publication).
  • Color-Image Processing Tools
  • 3D histogram visualization of color images (L*a*b* and RGB spaces).
  • voxelfaces

  • (PhD) Discrete Geometry in Z (fully available after publications).
  • Discrete boundary -based 3D processing, morphometry and visualization .
  • 3D Morfo-Analysis and Visualization Techniques
  • 3D normal depth (thickness) cartography
  • Discrete Morphometry - Voxel-Based and Boundary-Based Analysis
  • fr(Coll) Inner ear reconstruction and modelling (Realistic modeling of the head from 3D MRI PhD thesis of  Hilmi Rifai, IMAGE TSI Dept., ENST). Data from the Visible Human Project.

    (PostDoc)  Collaboration between Dept. TSI, Signal-Image, ENST,   ALCATEL Alsthom Recherche, S.A. COMOBIO project  and LUAP, U. Paris VII-VIII, Jussieu.  (Postdoctoral project in course, 1999).
  • Processing of Cylindrical data and Range-Images  from 3D laser-scan acquisitions of head models.
  • Generation of triangular meshes from (range) image data.  Application:  modeling and simulation of head phantoms for anthropometical studies.  (french version):    
  • IPCYL :  Système de traitement et maillage pour une base de données de 41+ têtes humaines en maillage triangulaire pour la création de fantômes anthropométriques.
  • >>> Sample mesh in VRML
  • About VRML.
  • Voxelization and labeling of triangular meshes.
  • Voxelized surface on phantom mesh
  • Geodesic anthropometry
  • elipsoid
    Ellipsoidal Models of the Human Head
    BS thesis of Waldo Ramírez (25 Dec.2005)
    fm Average-Ear Model Construction 
    fmEar Shape Morphometry in 40 indibiduals


    Color Image Analysis for Inmunohistochemical Studies

    (Notes) Fractal Tutorial

    fm(PhD)  3D Shape Complexity Features  (available after publication)
     Lista de proyectos 1982-1993 (Centro de Instrumentos, UNAM, México)
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       (Less formal - no imaging)

    Postmodernism in Science?, (experimental) essay on interpretation and communication problems in interdisciplinary research.

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