Projects offering proposals for: doctoral, master in science,
engineering and bachelor in science theses and ALL internships.

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Proyectos con ofertas de tesis doctoral, de maestría o de licenciatura y estancias (incluyendo postdoctorales).
Posgrados de Fìsica, Ingeniería Eléctrica y de Ciencias de la Computation

newPropuestas de tesis de posgrado 2011        Tesis en Física Médica

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Type of Project

Group Project or Applied Research Track

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Project under development (active) - posibility for participation

Finished Project (or at stage I) continuation/enhancements

Proposal draft (inactive) - may be part of an active project or a future project


Theoretical and system developpments in the following research tracks Computing Image Processing and Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Scientific Visualization, Modeling, Simulation and Color Sciencies
Applied research/engineering in: Medical Imaging , Medical Phisics, Biomedicine and Biology (Optical and Electron Microscopy), Computational Anatomy, Surface Physics, (Craniofacial) Anthropometry, Virtual Endoscopy and Computer Assisted Diagnosis, Soil Science and Comercial/Industrial Applications


Computing, Image Processing and Analysis

new proposal

Analysis of Superresolution Images in Optical Microscopy and Applications in CelularBiology
See original project

Jorge Márquez


Computing of Fraccionary Dimensions
of Anatomical Structures

Francisco Láez, Juan Ortiz, Fernando Barrios, Jorge Márque


new proposal


Models of Fractals for Validation of the Computing of Fraccionary Dimensions

Jorge Márquez

to be continued

Scientific Visualization for Shape Comparison and Evaluation of Registration Methods

Luis Domínguez, Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Quantification and Visualization
of Morphological Error

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Characterization of Non-Linear Deformation Models for of Anatomical Structures in 3D

Jorge Márquez

new proposalLenaNonLinDefo

Non-Linear Deformation Models for the Registration of Anatomical Structures in 2D

Marlene Canto, Jorge Márquez

new proposal

See Project in Med Fis

An Augmented Reality Neuro-navigation System for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Guided by Locating Activations in Functional Magnetic Resonance Images

to be continued

Analysis of the Color Distribution
in Images of Works of Art

SLTs Pierre Bertrand & Louis Lamire De Jaquelin , Rachel Ababou, Jorge Márquez

to be continued

Texture and Shape Characterization of Works of Art

SLT Louis Fatz, Rachel Ababou, Jorge Márquez


Stereo Vision and Facial Models
(many subprojects)

Alfonso Gastellum, Edwin Chan, Alexander Woodward, Jorge Márquez, Patrice Delmas & Gimel’farb

new project 

(Euclidean) Distance Fields and Applications

Morphological Weighted Averaging
Morphological Interpolation/Extrapolation
Morphological Zoom
Morphological Watershed
Morphological Deconvoluction
Morphological Error
Morphological Similarity
Morphological Superresolution

Jorge Márquez


Modeling and Filtering of Fluctuations Morphological

Jorge Márquez


Extraction, Processing and Analysis
Based on Discrete Boundaries

Jorge Márquez

 new project

Adaptive Meshes by Extraction of Salient Features, Distance Field- and Monte-Carlo Methods

Jorge Márquez

Analysis and Visualization of Complex Structures

Jorge Márquez

 new proposal

Euclidean Distance Field
Computing with FPGAs

Jorge Márquez

 new proposal



Deformation Field Interpolation using the Voronoi Domains of Corresponding Landmarks

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Properties and Applications of the Local Tensor of Inertia in 2D and 3D Images

Jorge Márquez

new project

Study of Convexity and Concavity
in 2D and 3D with Mathematical Morphology

Guillaume Dal Molin, Pierre-François Thiedey & Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Advanced Transfer Functions and
Applications for Color Image Analysis

Jorge Márquez


Medical Imaging and Medical Physics


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Aided by Neuronavigation of 3D Images from functional Magnetic Nuclear Resonance

Angeline Viesca, Jorge González, Sarael Alcauter, Fernando Barrios, Jorge Márquez


Textural Characterization of Cancer Tumors in Digital Mammograms

Flavio Trujillo, Jorge Márquez, Yolanda Villaseñor & María Ester Brandán


Registration and Fusion of 3D Multimodal Images

Alfonso Gastellum, Miguel Angel Padilla y Jorge Márquez


Multimodal Fusion of Brain Images

Isis Lázaro & Jorge Márquez




Virtual Endoscopy and Computer Assisted Diagnosis



Construction of Esophagus Models for Simulating Peristaltic Flow

Lucely Mata, Alfonso Gastellum, Edmundo Brito-de la Fuente, Patrice Delmas, William Vicente, Martín Salinas, Gabriel Ascanio and Jorge Márquez


Construction of a Model of the Upper Gastrointestinal System for the Simulation of Gastroesophagoendoscopic Procedures

Alfonso Gastellum, Lucely Mata & Jorge Márquez

new project

Interaction Dynamics of a Model of the Upper Gastrointestinal System for the Simulation of Endoscopic Procedures

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Information Fusion of Color Videoendoscopies with a Generic Model of the Upper Gastrointestinal System

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Simulation of the Peristaltic Waves in a Model of the High Gastrointestinal System

Jorge Márquez


Biomedicine and Biology (Optical and Electron Microscopy )


Morphological Superresolution for Optical Microscopy

Jorge Márquez & Naser Qureshi


Analysis of Cell Micronuclei Images to Evaluate Their use as Indicators of Cell Damage

Antonio Lozano,Jorge Márquez & Eugenia Gonsebatt


Color Image Analysis for Inmunohistochemical Studies

F. Arámbula, J. Márquez, M. Padilla, S. Solano, P. Tat


Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Arrangement of Compact Chromatin in the Nucleus of G0 Rat Lymphocytes

López-Velázquez G, Márquez J., Ubaldo E., Corkidi G., Echeverría O., Vázquez-Nin G

new proposal

Characterizing an Acquisition System for Optical Microscopy Imaging

Jorge Márquez

eventual continuación en química de materiales


Morphometry of the Human Corneal Endotelium

Gabriel Corkidi, Ricardo Toledo & Jorge Márquez

propuesta nueva

Recursive Models of Botanical Trees

Jorge Márquez



(Craniofacial) Anthropometry and Shape Models


2D and 3D Analysis of Cranofacial Models

new proposal


Capture of Anatomical Features by Interactive Picking

Jorge Márquez


Head-Model Construction for Dosimetry Studies of Radiofrequency Fields of Hand-Held Phones

J. Márquez, T. Bousquet, I. Bloch, F. Schmitt and C. Grangeat. 

new proposal

Absorbed Power Simulation
(radiation, radiofrequency, heat, etc.)

in Realistic Phantoms of Human Organs

Jorge Márquez





Image Fusion for 3D Object Reconstruction 3D from Laser Scaner Acquisitions

Mario Mercado, Leopoldo Ruiz, Alberto Caballero &  Jorge Márquez


Extraction of a Morphological Average of the Ear

Márquez Jorge, Patrice Delmas, Isabelle Bloch & Francis Schmitt


Manual Extraction of Craneofacial
References for Anthropometry

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Anisothropical and Adaptive Mesh Geometries

Jorge Márquez


Processing of Cylindrical data and Range-Images from 3D laser-scan acquisitions of head models

J. Márquez I. Bloch & F. Schmitt


Ellipsoidal (and Higher-Order) Models of the Human Head
(Extraction of Generic Models of the Human Head)

Waldo Ramírez, SLT Loïc Boyer & Jorge Márquez


Mesh Fitting Methods for Discrete Objects

& Jorge Márquez



Computational Anatomy – Visible Human Project
Segmentation, analysis and models of the human body

new proposal

Analysis, Modeling and Visualization using Attributed Graphs

Jorge Márquez

new proposal


Comparative Morphometry Using Euclidean-Distance Fields: Analysis of Cranofacial and Brain Cortex Feature

Leticia López, Verónica Escudero, Néstor Aragón & Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Mapping Anatomical Structures Beetween Models of Different Individuals

Jorge Márquez


Color Radiometric Inhomogeneities in the Anatomical Cryosection Images of the Visible Human Project. Data-base

Márquez Jorge & Schmitt Francis

images provided by the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, EU and HUGO from Viewtec, Inc.


Three-Dimensional Segmentation and Visualization of the Blood-Vessel Tree of the Lungs from Color Cryosections of the Visible Human Project sub-volume

Márquez Jorge & Schmitt Francis

new proposal

Automatic Detection of Tubular and Branching Structures

Márquez Jorge

new proposal

Modeling Branching Structures by
DLA and Monte-Carlo Methods

Márquez Jorge

new proposal

Modeling and Visualizing Branching Structures by Mesh Primitives

Márquez Jorge


Geometric distortion correction for TEM imaging
(Transmision Electron Microscopy)

Jorge Márquez , Philippe Anglade & Etienne Hirsh


Surface Physics (Simulation)



Simulation of Diffusion Limited Aggregation Phenomena
in 2D and 3D

Jorge Márquez


Deposition Simulation by DLA Models
and Monte-Carlo Methods

Jorge Márquez

new proposal

Morphometry of Deposition Simulations

Jorge Márquez


Image Analysis, Visualization and Simulation
in Soil Sciences

new proposal


Soil Science Collaborations
(many sub-projects)

Alfonso Gastellum, Jorge Márquez, Blanca Prado, Patrice Delmas & Celine Duwig



Flow Simulations in Soil Pore Structures Using Smooth Particules Hydrodynamics

Alfonso Gastellum, Marie LeFrancq, Jorge Márquez, Blanca Prado, Patrice Delmas & Celine Duwig


Selective Labeling, and Percolation of Pore Networks in 3D Reconstructions from Soil Samples for Flow Simulationand other Studies

Jorge Márquez, Alfonso Gastellum, Marie LeFrancq, Blanca Prado, Patrice Delmas & Celine Duwig

new proposal

3D Reconstruction and Morphometry of CT Images of Worm Galleries...

Esperanza Huerta, Blanca Prado, Alfonso Gastelum, Patrice Delmas, Celine Duwig & Jorge Márquez

Comercial and Industrial Applications

new proposal


Interactive 3D Omni-view and Stereo Visualization for Interior Designs

Jorge Márquez & Patrice Delmas

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