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2D/3D Image Processing and Scientific Visualization: Medical, Biological and Physical Applications


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    Investigador Titular "A", TC (researcher - lecturer - full time)

    Head of the    Análisis de Imágenes y Visualización - CCADET

    President of the Mesa Directiva del Colegio del Personal Académico (CPA-CCADET)

     Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
              Cd. Universitaria, A.P. 70-186 - México 04510,  D.F. MEXICO

    About my work (personal objectives)  (or jump to the Applications Gallery - new Projects)

    Extended Keywords:    2D and 3D image processing, scientific visualization, computer graphics, morphometry, fractals, discrete boundaries, structural complexity, mathematical morphology, Biomedical and Physics applications, visible human project, anthropometry, medical imaging, 3D reconstruction, superresolution.

    My work deals with complex shapes or data in two, three or more dimensions comprising signals, images, scenes (volume data) , and I participate in projects with different groups.  I often follow one of two main paradigms: (A)  Discrete Boundary-Representation  for filtering, quantitative analysis, modelling and visualization, and the so-called (B) Morphological Approach, based on the Euclidean Distance Transform-domain and comprises: Morphological Registration, Morphological Interpolation and Zoom, Robust Morphological Averages (or shape-based), Modeling and Attenuation of Morphological Noise and Fluctuations and Morphological Superresolution. Within these paradigms, I develop several image processing tools and techniques from miscellaneous topics:   Mathematical Morphology, Discrete Topology, Fractal Analysis, Computer Sciences and other.  The "shape" of all this work depends on applied research, and we explore several application fields in Science and Engineering, specially in Biology, Medicine and Physical Sciences , with the aim to also identify common problems, concepts, methods and solutions.   Apart all this rationale, I search from time to time unifying and æsthetic principles behind, which may enrich further developments.  These pages try to illustrate and convey the "flavor" of these research tracks.   --JMF


    Track 1:   Medical Diagnostics and Assited Trainning

    Track 2:   Complex Structures and Multi-dimensional Information: Extraction, Representation, Processing, Analysis & Visualization.

    Track 3:   Scientific Visualization, Graphics & Three.Dimensional Reconstruction.

    Track 4:  Image Processing Applications. (A) Biomedicine, (B) Physical Sciences

    Track 5:   Physical Interaction Simulation for Augmented and Virtual Reality.


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